The Audio Cassette Reborn

If you grew up in the 70s, 80s or 90s, you’ll most probably have very fond memories of these babies. Who could forget the joys of having to hover over the pause button whilst recording the Top 40 on the radio, shoving biros in the cogs the tighten up the tape and listening to the god-awful sound of your most favourite tape in the whole world getting chewed in the car stereo, lost forever. I still have a massive collection of old DJ mix tapes I made back then and I’m sure many of my friends still have copies in a box somewhere.

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Lofty Visions Has Changed

With a brand new website comes a whole new direction. A partial loss of sight put an end to commercial aerial photography for me, but now with a fresh outlook Lofty Visions is expanding into exciting new territory. Watch this space for an awesome new project coming very soon as well as many other creative hobbies I am involved in. Dream big, aim high!

Screw Normal

The first part of this video is a tribute to the plethora of classic, modified, unusual and downright abnormal vehicles owned over the years. I’m ashamed to say I had a short spout of dreary modern family SUV normality recently, but my son’s love of Minis brought the joy of lunacy back.

In the second part (wait for it!) you can join us as we celebrate a new arrival – a tiny bundle of joy that goes like a bastard and makes a little boy very happy. This one’s for Jimmy!

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